Salman Jaberi –🍦 Creative Consultant + Cultural Producer



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<title> Creative Roots | Salman Jaberi 🚀 –– Creative Media Specialist | NYC

  Creative Roots 

Brand Architect

Salman's passion for  mapping and developing stories for brands stems from his upbringing; he moved constantly throughout his life, and had to adapt rapidly to new environments and individuals. Through this, Salman mastered the art of nueromarketing and conveying universal messages to accustom a multitude of personas and audiences.; he implements this in his work by illustrating stories through fast-growing industry trends, the use of new technologies and the incorporation of social media channels and other state-of-the-art media outlets in order to overlay campaigns guaranteed to deliver and reach the appropriate target audience.
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Creative Lead

Through years of experience in versatile marketing and creative leadership roles, from product design to interactive experience to brand development. Directing mid-size teams of artists, designers and UX strategists, Salman helps clients solve business challenges with graceful, thoughtful, creative solutions. Salman's experience with managing multiple projects simultaneously and collaborating with cross-functional teams has developed an excellent interpersonal communicator, enabling him to deliver rapid and effective creative initiatives.

Experiential Producer

Salman uses storytelling concepts to produce on-site and virtual experiential initiatives that are creatively bold, digitally progressive and data-driven through integrating digital technologies to amplify attendee experiences. Digital experiences allow brands to tell a complex story, which takes on a physical form and enables brands to turn into living entities, offering consumers an opportunity to experience, feel and directly connect with them. This increases brands' visibility, leverages their products and services and enables them to deliver value beyond commerce.
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