Salman Jaberi –––– Creative Consultant | Founder of Rave Scout Cookies | NYC Creative Media Specialist –– Rave Scout Cookies –– Harm Reduction Advocate

Salman Jaberi
Creative Brand Consultant ︎ Experiential Producer ︎ Conceptual Storyteller ︎ Media Specialist ︎

Salman Jaberi –– Creative Multimedia Consultant | NYC

Salman Jaberi is a New York City-based multidisciplinary Creative Media Specialist with expertise in Brand Design, Experiential Production and Storytelling Concepts. Salman's diverse specialties led him to paint a colourful career landscape by collaborating and working with leading brands in the industry such as Dr. Jart +, Six Flags Theme Park and KAYAK.  Additionally, Salman is the brainchild and founder of , a plucky but emerging dance music multimedia platform devoted to the endorsement of marginalised talent and protection of counterculture spaces under scrutiny.

Salman has been featured in numerous publications for his achievements, and more recently, Salman "a de facto spokesperson for community, mutual aid and harm reduction in dance music and rave culture" in reference to his commitments to the development of underground queer counterculture and drug-user advocacy in .