Salman Jaberi –🍦 Creative Consultant + Cultural Producer



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About | Salman Jaberi 🚀 –– Creative Media Specialist | NYC


Salman Jaberi is a multifaceted creative media specialist with an illustrious career and experience with designing brand identities; developing storytelling strategies; and the production of multicultural, experiential projects for leading brands from a wide range of industries–– some of which include the likes of Dr. Jart +, Six Flags Theme Park and KAYAK.

During his leisure, off-the-clock hours–– Salman is viable for taking on the role of brainchild and founder of Rave Scout Cookies; a bold and emerging co-creative multimedia platform devoted to endorse marginalized talents and foster scrutinised counterculture spaces in dance music communities.

Salman's ambitions is ever-last and has gained much publicity throughout time and most recently publicised for his role in the the queer dance music scene; coined “a de facto spokesperson for community, mutual aid and harm reduction in dance music and rave culture” by RA Magazine.