Salman Jaberi –🍦 Creative Consultant + Cultural Producer

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About | Salman Jaberi 🚀 –– Cultural Producer | NYC


Salman Jaberi is an accomplished cultural and experiential producer, most recently celebrated by being named a Forbes 30 Under 30 music honoree. With an exceptional talent for crafting captivating narratives, developing brand identities, and executing immersive experiences, Salman has worked with renowned brands across various industries. Some notable brands include Dr. Jart +, Six Flags, KAYAK, and DGTL.

Beyond his professional achievements, Salman is an active participant in North America's underground dance music scene. Salman is also the visionary behind Rave Scout Cookies, a co-creative multimedia platform dedicated to empowering marginalized artists and fostering safe spaces in electronic music.

Salman's commitment to sociocultural endeavors with building a healthier music ecosystem, advocacy for harm reduction, and raising awareness of social inequities in electronic music continue to positively impact the music industry. Salman’s efforts have earned him the role of "a de facto spokesperson for community, mutual aid, and harm reduction in dance music" by RA Magazine.