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Cultural Producer
Conceptual Storyteller

Salman Jaberi is an entrepreneur, conceptual storyteller, and creative strategist renowned for his adeptness in developing creative brand identities, and producting holistic cultural & experiential initatives for renowned brands such as KAYAK, Dr.Jart+, Six Flags, and DGTL.

Salman's role as the visionary founder and brainchild behind Rave Scout Cookies®—a co-creative platform amplifying marginalized artists and fostering safe spaces in electronic music—earned him prestigious recognition as a Forbes 30 Under 30 music honoree, celebrating his commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and impactful contributions to the live music industry.

Salman Jaberi is an entrepreneur and cultural-experiential producer, celebrated for his adeptness in crafting compelling storytelling concepts, designing innovative brand identities, and spearheading comprehensive cultural initiatives for globally recognized brands across various industries, including Dr. Jart+, True Colors United, KAYAK, and DGTL.

As the visionary behind Rave Scout Cookies, he leads a transformative co-creative multimedia platform dedicated to amplifying the voices of marginalized artists and cultivating safe spaces within the dynamic realm of the live music industry.

Salman's outstanding contributions to Rave Scout Cookies earned him prestigious acclaim as a Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient in the music category in 2023, highlighting his significant impact on the live music scene and his commitment to fostering inclusivity, creativity, and safety within the vibrant community he serves.

Dubbed "a de facto spokesperson for community, mutual aid, and harm reduction in dance music" by RA Magazine, Salman continues to inspire positive change and drive forward-thinking innovation within the cultural landscape through his visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to social progress.

Most recently, Salman mentored as a scholar and underground music culture anthropologist for the International Music Industry Lab, a distinguished sector of Inholland University of Applied Sciences, focusing on building healthier, sustainable, inclusive, resilient, versatile, and innovative music systems.

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