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Conceptual Storyteller

Salman Jaberi is an entrepreneur, conceptual storyteller, and creative strategist renowned for his adeptness in developing creative brand identities, and producting holistic cultural & experiential initatives for renowned brands such as KAYAK, Dr.Jart+, Six Flags, and DGTL.

Salman's role as the visionary founder and brainchild behind Rave Scout Cookies®—a co-creative platform amplifying marginalized artists and fostering safe spaces in electronic music—earned him prestigious recognition as a Forbes 30 Under 30 music honoree, celebrating his commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and impactful contributions to the live music industry.


IMI LAB, Inholland University of Applied Sciences

As a music cultural anthropologist and mentor at IMI Lab, a division of Inholland University of Applied Sciences, focused on innovation in the international music industry; I had the opportunity to program a curriculum and mentor students in the Creative Business class for a semester, guiding them to explore strategies for promoting equal opportunities for marginalized talent in the industry, including venues, promoters, and other stakeholders.

Throughout my tenure, I engaged actively with students, fostering critical thinking and encouraging innovative solutions to diversity and inclusion challenges. I facilitated workshops, seminars, and one-on-one mentoring sessions, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and the potential impact of embracing diversity within the music industry ecosystem.

Cultural Programmer
Student Mentor


I successfully executed various initiatives aimed at enhancing engagement and recognition among a large audience of over 25,000 attendees. By forging strategic partnerships with both local and national organizations, and utilizing effective media, on-site campaigns, and social media platforms, I significantly augmented ROI by an impressive 32%.

Additionally, I led a comprehensive training program for a team exceeding 500 volunteer safety monitors. This training focused on fostering a safe, enjoyable, and inclusive atmosphere, ultimately leading to a notable 20% reduction in drug-related incidents and a remarkable 36% decrease in medical evacuations from the dance floor.

Cultural Production
Creative Strategist
Training Program Developer
Multimedia Design


I led a comprehensive range of digital initiatives and immersive online events aimed at fostering community engagement during the challenging period of the pandemic for a renowned nightlife establishment. Through strategic planning and execution, these efforts garnered over 100k views, 20k engagements, and acquired over 2k new email subscribers. 

This initiative was instrumental in fortifying bonds within our loyal patron base despite the circumstances. Additionally, I curated live streams, developed compelling storytelling concepts, and orchestrated omni-channel marketing strategies, resulting in a significant 70% increase in overall engagement levels.

Creative Strategist
Experiential Marketing
Social Media Marketing


I spearheaded a team to strategize and orchestrate the creative marketing, artist relations, and talent acquisition initiatives for the events hosted by the music company, resulting in a remarkable 200% surge in annual attendance and a commendable 15% reduction in production costs. 

In addition, I elevated brand visibility by cultivating strong partnerships with over 40 esteemed artists including Dee Diggs and Roi Perez, as well as prominent organizations such as Boiler Room and Redbull Academy, within the dynamic realms of the music and entertainment industry.

Artist Relations
Creative Strategist
Experiential Marketing
Social Media Marketing


I led the initiative for a comprehensive rebranding of an environmentally conscious boutique cleaning service, which yielded an impressive 80% surge in sales. Through a strategic blend of content creation and social media marketing, our efforts successfully revitalized the brand's image and attracted a wider customer base. 

Additionally, I devised and executed innovative strategies to heighten brand visibility across various social media platforms, all within a budget of under $250,000. As a result, we achieved a notable 25% increase in brand recognition, showcasing the effectiveness of our targeted approach to online marketing.

Marketing Director
Creative Strategist
Experiential Marketing
Social Media Marketing


I spearheaded the recruitment of a dedicated team of 12 individuals, overseeing the orchestration of two immersive events aimed at the inauguration of We The People's flagship US stores. These events attracted over 200 attendees each, marking a significant milestone for the Singapore-based crowdfunding store's expansion efforts. 

With my team, I facilitated collaborations with 18 key vendors and forged alliances with four brand partners. Together with an adept team of 11 staff members, we orchestrated seven dynamic market activations, surpassing the company's objective of enhancing brand recognition by an impressive 80%. This multifaceted approach not only showcased our ability to execute complex projects but also underscored our commitment to achieving tangible results.

Experiential Producer
Creative Strategist
Social Media Marketing


During my tenure, I spearheaded the development of five impactful digital marketing campaigns, harnessing the power of travel influencer partnerships to craft compelling social media strategies. Notably, I developed KAYAK's "MYTHHACKER" YouTube Series, which resulted in a remarkable 22% boost in brand awareness. 

Additionally, I played a pivotal role in enhancing KAYAK's online presence by crafting engaging editorial content for the Travel Hacker blog. Through strategic scheduling and distribution across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I effectively increased website traffic by 80% and amplified social media engagement by an impressive 48%.


Marketing Associate
Creative Strategist

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