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Salman Jaberi is an entrepreneur, conceptual storyteller, and creative strategist renowned for his adeptness in developing creative brand identities, and producting holistic cultural & experiential initatives for renowned brands such as KAYAK, Dr.Jart+, Six Flags, and DGTL.

Salman's role as the visionary founder and brainchild behind Rave Scout Cookies®—a co-creative platform amplifying marginalized artists and fostering safe spaces in electronic music—earned him prestigious recognition as a Forbes 30 Under 30 music honoree, celebrating his commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and impactful contributions to the live music industry.




As a creative strategist and multimedia designer, I collaborated on “Rave New World,” a TV pitch deck project led by renowned Los Angeles-based journalist and former electronic music editor at VICE, Michelle Lhooq.

My role included crafting strategic approaches and designing multimedia components to effectively present the TV show's concept. Working closely with Michelle and the team, I contributed to conceptualizing visual elements and developing dynamic presentations tailored to the audience and project goals.

Creative Strategist
Multimedia Design


During my partnership with the International Music Industry Lab at Inholland University of Applied Sciences, I served as both a cultural programmer and mentor to students enrolled in the IMI Lab for a semester.

This initiative, centered within an urban living lab framework, aims to drive innovation in the global music industry. My responsibilities included designing cultural programming and guiding students through the IMI Lab curriculum.

I actively mentored students to explore and devise solutions for fostering inclusive spaces within the live music industry, contributing to the development of emerging marginalized talents while addressing critical issues related to diversity and inclusion within the music sector.

Cultural Programmer


Throughout my collaboration with DGTL Amsterdam, I spearheaded the development of a safety monitor training program aimed at fostering safe environments. This comprehensive program covers crucial topics including creating harassment-free spaces, implementing harm reduction practices, and promoting collective accountability among festival attendees.

Additionally, I provided consultation to DGTL's event organizers on effectively introducing safe spaces to their target audience. Alongside this, I crafted the training curriculum and oversaw the production of a multimedia campaign, both digitally and on-site, to ensure widespread dissemination of safety protocols and initiatives.

Cultural Production
Creative Strategist
Training Developer
Multimedia Design


I was tasked with creating a case study for a pop-up event in NYC on behalf of By Rotation. Leveraging my expertise in experiential marketing, I developed a comprehensive strategy to showcase the brand's vision for a sustainable future in the fashion industry. This involved curating a lineup of sustainable fashion spokespersons to host the event and integrating my multimedia design skills to craft a compelling proposal.

Through strategic planning and innovative design, I ensured that the case study effectively highlighted the success and impact of the pop-up event, showcasing By Rotation's unique approach to engaging with its audience in a dynamic and memorable manner.

Creative Strategist
Experiential Producer
Event Programming
Multimedia Design


I provided consultation and crafted a creative strategy to introduce the brand's haircare product line. This involved developing an engaging multimedia plan for the launch, including a short clip highlighting the CEO's story and the brand's powerful message. I took the initiative to tailor the brand tone to suit the unique characteristics of each digital channel utilized by Save Me From.

Creative Strategist
Social Marketing


I worked alongside esteemed artist Levan Mindiashvili to craft a creative strategy and cultural programming designed to honor the political and embodied sanctuary of the queer underground dance floor. 

Primarily, my role focused on implementing the cultural programming and organizing the event held during the opening of the art show at Socrates Sculptural Park. 

Cultural Programmer
Project Manager
Event Producer


As a Marketing Associate at KAYAK, my responsibilities encompassed aiding the company in crafting and refining digital content, conceptualizing inventive campaigns, and formulating compelling storytelling concepts for diverse digital platforms. Over the course of my tenure, 

I spearheaded the development of four campaigns, notably including a news-jacking initiative, as well as the creation of KAYAK's "MythHackers" YouTube series. 

Creative Strategist
Conceptual Storyteller


I was recruited as a journalist to participate in the inaugural BACKDOORXL Music Festival in Mexico City, where I also spearheaded the creation of a social media marketing campaign for its debut year. In this role, I was responsible for attending the three-day event, conducting interviews with local artists, and producing a comprehensive review of the festival.

Furthermore, I undertook the task of devising a social media strategy, leveraging my expertise in multimedia design to enhance the festival's online presence and audience engagement.

Creative Strategist
Multimedia Design


I was recruited to devise a strategic plan encompassing both creative and marketing aspects for a South Korea-based skincare brand's expansion into the United States market. The strategy aimed to tailor the brand's approach to the US audience, distinct from its established customer base in Korea.

The project involved conducting a thorough analysis of the brand and the US skincare market, including market trends, case studies, and the development of implementation tactics. Subsequently, the strategy culminated in the successful launch of the brand in the Boston market.

Marketing Strategist
Creative Strategist

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